Come hear me read tonight in NYC

May 30th, 2007 | Uncategorized

woods tea

Look. Here I am this morning sipping tea in the woods in Vermont. But at 7:00 tonight, if all goes according to plan, I’ll be at the Upper West Side Bunns & Noodle. 2289 Broadway at 82nd St. Come on by.

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  1. JK says:

    Here’s a picture of Alison’s head on the New York Magazine website. It’s today’s featured item on the NY Mag daily “cultural agenda.”

  2. Erica says:

    Aw, I would go to your reading, but I have a softball game!

  3. freyakat says:

    Hey Alison,

    I would go to your reading too (I heard you last summer at a different Bunns and Noodle here), but I don’t finish teaching until too late. Welcome to the Upper West Side! With some of us still here, it won’t completely change for years to come…

  4. Aunt Soozie says:

    Hey Alison,
    I can’t make the reading but I am still planning to see you Philadelphia. I haven’t been commenting much here lately because I’m busy preparing for a pageant that I am a contestant in…see above link. I’ve never been in a pageant before but this was invitation only so I couldn’t refuse. If you’re anywhere near Durham County this Saturday c’mon down and join in the festivities. It’s sort of a hybrid between NYC and Vermont…you’d like it.
    Gotta go polish my teeth and work on my tail…
    Aunt Soozie

  5. louise says:

    I’m there. I’ll dodge the flotillas of SUV-sized baby strollers and little old ladies pushing shopping carts full of rugelach from Zabar’s.

  6. Josiah says:

    Louise, thanks for the vocabulary expansion. (I had never heard of rugelach before — it sounds yummy!) I swear, this blog is better than “A Word a Day” (because you get the words in a real context, so you’re more likely to remember and use them yourself).

  7. Al, et al. says:

    Damn lack of reliable babysitters! I really wanted to go, but my sitter’s booked, and my husband has to work. Dammit!

  8. Maria says:

    Oh man, Louise, this is off topic, but I JUST NOW got off the elevator in the Time Warner building with a flotilla of the wheelbarrow-like baby strollers, one of which rolled right over my foot!

  9. louise says:

    LOL I’m like a block away from there. I always go to Whole Foods in the basement pretending like I’m actually going to stand in that line, and then reconsidering.
    I almost got assaulted in similar fashion yesterday by the ruthless cart-pushing little old ladies in Fairway.

  10. Doctor E says:

    I for one am dismayed by Auntie’s plans to display her beaver in pursuit of a dependable erection.

    I’ve always thought of her as a role model.

  11. Feminista says:

    Josiah–Rugelach is a rich eastern European Jewish pastry; traditionally it is filled with raisins and walnuts,but nowadays there is a *gasp* chocolate chip version. For a recipe,check Moosewood Restauant’s international cookbook.

  12. Aunt Soozie says:

    Oh, Doctor E…I’m so sorry.
    I guess the blush is off of the rose now.
    Does it help to know it’s a fundraiser for the Ellerbee Creek Watershed Association?

  13. SparrowRocks! says:

    Durnit. I’m on the west coast. But I”ll see ya in San Diego!
    I’m sending the offspringomine to see you Friday in Tempe.

  14. Al, et al. says:

    You guys are making me homesick for Manhattan! I live in Pleasantville now. (Seriously. Feel free to laugh– everyone else does!) It’s been a long time since I was roughed up in Fairway by a little old lady with a shopping cart. And, sad to say, I used to be one of those moms with the huge stroller, but I tried to be considerate, at least. If I had run over your foot, Maria, I would have at least mumbled, “‘scuse me”, before barreling on. And really, how else was I supposed to propel a 3-year-old,a 1-year-old, a diaper bag, and 40 pounds of groceries down city streets? Maybe I should start a sherpa business….

  15. Ginjoint says:

    Al, do the trees in your town really burst into flame when you reach orgasm?

  16. Al, et al. says:

    Not that I’ve ever noticed, Ginjoint. Of course, I have two small children, so this question isn’t entirely relevant to my life.

  17. Doctor E says:

    Shameful behavior in a good cause is still shameful behavior, and public beaver displays certainly qualify!

    But I’d be there with my camera if I could.

    Fortunately for us all, I’ll be in North Jersey this weekend, dancing to Dr. John and The Meters.

  18. Aunt Soozie's Paramour says:

    Friends o’ Alison,

    I am a shy one, really, I swear. But if NYC just ain’t humid enough for you this weekend, we encourage you to beat it on down to Durham, NC for the 3rd Annual Beaver Queen Pageant in the Duke Park neighborhood.

    This is the antidote for all that Duke Lacrosse silliness and general anti-Southern bigotry you’ve been swallowing in the mainstream media for a year now, maybe more.

    Let me put it this way: if DTWOF was set in the South, Mo would be the Prez of Duke Park neighborhood. Sydney would be taking notes.

  19. Ginjoint says:

    I don’t think what happened at Duke was silly.

    At all.

  20. barry says:

    no – the Duke lacrosse case had no silliness associated with it at all. The sad reality is that as a result of government malpractice, we’ll never know what actually took place at 610 N. Buchanan last year, and that, moving forward, it will be so much more difficult for anyone who is actually victimized in this or similar fashion to be able to bring credible charges.

    That said, the Beaver Queen Pageant is in fact loaded with homegrown silliness, which is a necessary, temporary diversion from the non-stop, sometimes overwhelming seriousness of the world around us. If you’re near Durham, NC, this weekend, please stop by and say hello. If you’re not, come back to the blog and watch the video that we’ll have posted as soon as we possibly can.

  21. Aunt Soozie says:

    yeah, no…
    that’s not how my paramour meant it…living right there it was hideous. The whole event. We’ll never know what actually happened in that house but needless to say it was far from appropriate.

    Issues with students living on that street and their interaction and relationships with members of the wider community had been ongoing. This was just one incident that became very public.

    Though we’ll never know exactly what happened to the young woman who made the accusation… we do know for sure that there was underage drinking happening in a house that was being rented by a senior member of the team and that strippers were hired to appear there… it’s all disgusting.

    In the end the statements from the coach were ridiculous at best. Instead of proclaiming their innocence his emphasis should have been on providing a deep mea culpa for their actions and for the behavior that led to this situation in the first place. He should be on that team like white on rice.

    If Aunt Soozie was their coach you best believe not one of them would be acting nasty, disrespecting themselves and the community they live in and playing for my team. Aunt Soozie doesn’t play like that….

  22. Ginjoint says:

    Thanks for the clarification of your meaning/stance. I appreciate it. Recently I got into a small argument with a male coworker (he’s a Duke alumnus) about this issue. While he thought that something may have happened to the woman, he also felt sorry for the players involved, saying their reputations are ruined for life, over charges that were eventually dropped. In his argument I could sense his dismissal of the woman, simply because she is a sex worker. Needless to say, that raised my hackles.