It worked!

May 30th, 2007 | Uncategorized

hurtling down fifth ave

I got to the airport in time, my flight took off as scheduled…and here I am this evening hurtling down Fifth Avenue in a cab. The reading went really great! Even though all of you were off working or playing softball or whatever. I don’t know if this link will last, but the reading got a very nice announcment on the New York Magazine website.

Here are Esther Newton and Holly Hughes in the Bunns and Noodle audience. esther, holly, & friend

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  1. kate says:

    cute cab picture! wish i was there.

  2. yelena says:

    Oh, I was so looking forward to seeing you, but I hadn’t finished moving in time, so had to stay home and carry boxes up and down the stairs instead. 🙁

    I did check out the paperback in the store the other day, and it looks great! Congratulations! Love the shiny cover.

  3. Jeff says:

    I really enjoyed the reading, and it was great to hear about the process and extensive research that went into each panel.

    Thank you, and thank you for the many hours of enjoyment reading Fun Home and DTWOF.

  4. klm says:

    I was there! AB was awesome, and nice even to the old guy who wanted to know if her dad loved his kids any less because he was gay. I went up to get my book signed at the end and got all shy and tougue-tied. I finally blurted out, “DTWOF has been really important to me … in my life!” What a dork. BUT it did lead me to think about what I meant by that, since it’s actually kind of true. And rule #1 that I’ve learned from Alison’s work? It’s ok to be a dork. Thanks, AB!

  5. DeLandDeLakes says:

    Same old Holly! You look very chic barelling along Fifth Avenue in that cab, by the way!

  6. Lori in NYC says:

    Great reading, and a huge turnout! Good job, Alison!

  7. Sir Real says:

    Ha, so that was Holly Hughes there! Nifty! I too got to go, and was very gratified that AB recognized me by name as “from my blog”. It’s true! I totally only exist exclusively on this blog! 😉

    Gratified and a bit startled… and I realized suddenly that I’d been too absorbed in the presentation to attempt to prepare a scintillating comment when face to face… drat! Such as `It’s a mighty priviledge and very great pleasure to finally grasp your limber, adroit and captivatingly elegant hand… *eyelash flutter*’.

    Hmm. Well, maybe I should’ve just squealed, as was my first impluse.

  8. Lauren Z says:

    The look on that guys face on the right is priceless. It’s like “I’m not really with these people. This was the last seat available…” 😀

  9. Jana C.H. says:

    I dunno. The expression looked to me more like: “Kids! They never change, do they?”

    Jana C.H.
    Saith Floss Forbes: If you don’t know the tune, sing tenor.

  10. Marj says:

    It ought to be mentioned that that’s a VERY sexy pic of our Alison on the New York Magazine website…

  11. kate says:

    Jana, time to freshen your tag. How many times can we see the same quote without our eyes glazing over?

  12. Jana C.H. says:

    Kate– Actually I have a whole list of tag lines, but the one quoting my grandmother is the original, and it’s still the one I use when (1) I don’t have any particular theme to tie in with, (2)the subject is musical, or (3) I’m too lazy or too busy to pull up my tag line list and pick one.

    In the case of the previous note, the reason was a combination of (1) and (3). As is the case with this note.

    Jana C.H.
    Saith E.G. Forbes: Never spoil a good story with too much truth.

  13. reed_maker says:

    Holy… I was sitting on my butt on my futon with my cats when I could have been hanging with Alison. I can’t believe I missed this!

  14. Feminista says:

    I think the man on the right is cute,and doesn’t look pained at all. Why,he’s probably thinking about the best way to tell his straight male friends about DTWOF,thus taking some of the heat off Josiah.

    Today a student asked if I thought a certain rap artist she was doing a project on was sexy. I said no,I preferred Denzel Washington; he was fantastic as Malcolm in the film X.

  15. Ellen O. says:

    Did anyone go to the Lambda Literary Awards tonight? Did Alison win big?
    Fingers crossed for her and my other friends nominated for awards. (I know…they are ALL winners. Still.)

  16. van says:

    LOL @ Sir Real

    Seriously, I wish someone can YouTube one reading. *sigh*

  17. M.S. says:

    I was there and dorked out too. A bit too much to say and no way to condense it. I managed a coupla weak “thank yous,” which did absolutely nothing to convey my gratitude for Fun Home–and how it resonates with my own non-grief at the recent death of a family member.

    I also missed the opportunity to shamelessly exploit the fact that I, too, went to Oberlin.

    Great reading–the part about your creative process was particularly interesting. Thanks again.

  18. kate says:

    I love a good quote, but if you think about it, tag lines are kind of like space garbage, or bad signal. They are the personal commercials of comment pages and message boards. They aren’t as bad as animated emoticons, of course. I count my blessings.

    I only point out that because we are reading the comments, we are required to read and process your every tag line every time you post, small bits of each of our consciousness gone forever on non-productive errands we’ve been on before. If I had a quote as my tag line, it would surely be E.B. White’s great advice to writers:

    “Omit needless words.”

  19. Leshka says:

    Yay! I got to go to the reading! I got my Fun Home book signed! I still don’t know how the meeting I missed turned out, but I do think this was the better of the two. Thanks for the reading.


  20. Junio says:

    Congratulations on the Lammie! Glad I stuck around for the In Memoriam slide show. Every time I see Barbara Gittings, I remember that when I was about 21, my girlfriend and I interviewed her for college radio, and we acted like she was the oldest woman in history. Doing the math, she would’ve been around 50, a number I’m not so far off myself these days!

  21. riotllama says:

    wow. I had the privelege of taking a class with Esther Newton once. She’s dreamy.

  22. shadocat says:


    I LOVE all your quotes, and you can post that one every time you write if you want to; for me, it’s a pleasure to read it.

  23. Josiah says:

    Aw, Feminista, I’m not feeling too much heat.

    And Jana, I love your quotes. They’re one of those little character touches that makes this blog feel like a community.

  24. Jana C.H. says:

    Thank you, Shado and Josiah. I trust everyone realizes that my gramdmother’s quotation does NOT mean that tenors can’t sing in tune.

    Jana C.H.
    Saith Martha Forbes H.: Ovens are for baking, not cleaning.

  25. bean says:

    esther newton was the first real-life lesbian i was ever aware of. i was 17 in 1985 and took a class called Rebels Freaks and Prophets. until then, i just thought lesbianism was a nice idea my Barbies had come up with…come to think of it, sometimes, i still do…

  26. --MC says:

    Hey UK fans: The Comics Journal board reports that Diamond Distribution undershipped the latest issue of the Journal to the UK by ten percent — 220 had been ordered, 22 had been sent — so if you missed your copy of the issue with Alison’s interview, the shops should be getting them … now.
    I like Jana’s taglines and may start putting tags on my own posts here.
    Saith MC: I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it, if you don’t mind me making fun of you while you say it.

  27. Just for the record, that nice young man sitting next to Holly and Esther was indeed with them. He’s a student of Holly’s.

  28. mlk says:

    well, that explains it! it takes a lot of . . . . something to look unconcerned when your instructor’s freaking out. I guess he could also have guffawed or otherwise joined the merriment. maybe it was Alison who evoked such a powerful response?

  29. Tim T. says:

    for Jana C.H.:
    Keep ’em comin’,yo.

  30. ready2agitate says:

    I’m late on the uptake but it’s nice to catch up. Jana, you’re a hoot. Alison, mazel tov! Agreed on the photo in NY magazine – gorgeous.