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Dr. Winnicott doesn’t normally seem to notice what’s on TV. But tonight she displayed an inordinate interest in this scene from Desert Hearts.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    tee hee

  2. Ellen O. says:

    Hmm… Do you think she liked the sounds in that particular scene?

    Were you watching DH as research for your book? Out of morbid curiosity on how well it has stood the tests of time? (Circa 1985 was it?)

  3. ksbel6 says:

    That is just too funny.

  4. Kate L says:

    What cat? There was a cat in that video? 🙂

    Hey, Ellen O, the 80’s were groovy! Or, was that the 60’s?

  5. Kat says:

    And then she seems to look at you as if to say “what?! Get out of my face, I’m having a moment…”

  6. I think we now know what the owl is really watching through your window.

  7. Therry and St. Jerome says:

    How cold was it in the house? Does your flat screen TV give off that much heat?

  8. Alex K says:

    So cute — two people who still watch DESERT HEARTS !

    (Yes, claim that you had it on only to acculturate Donald. Claim away. We know better.)

  9. Ian says:

    I seriously could not watch anything like that with my cat staring at me. I get put off.

    By the way, if you’re reading this and live in Alabama, you might want to make arrangements to leave:


  10. Renee S. says:

    Ohhh, Maggie! I just had a good chuckle, thanks!

  11. Kat says:

    hahahahahaha Maggie!!!!!!!!

  12. Penny says:

    OMG it’s kitty porn!

  13. ready2agitate says:

    omg it’s Desert Hearts! Ah, I remember it well. 😉

    ..although the juxtaposition of the hawt steamy scene with AB & Holly giggling in the background and then innocent Dr. Winni, looking kinda clueless at times, hmmm, that certainly changed the scene a TAD.

    (oh and omg, Ian, the Gov of Alabama – scary!)

  14. It kinda reminds me of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

    And to you cynics, I think Desert Hearts has stood up quite well to the test of time! Give it a look. It’s a watch-instantly on Netflix.

  15. ksbel6 says:

    It does, we watched it last summer.

  16. Therry and St. Jerome says:

    Another reason to stay the hell out of Alabama.

  17. Dr.Empirical says:

    I’m trying to figure out why Alison was already filming before kitty started to missbehave.

    Does the Doctor do the same thing every time this scene comes on?

    How many times did you watch the film before discovering this?

  18. ready2agitate says:

    so empirical, Dr. E!

  19. Kate L says:

    I’m glad we’re finally talking about watching televison. As David Letterman once said, “If you don’t think you have time to watch TV, make time!”. On that topic, there’s a new News Channel in town, and its giving Faux News a run for its money!

  20. Feminista says:

    Kate L: My nephew introduced me to The Onion book and online presence about 10 years ago. Great fun.

    Ready: Good to “hear” from you again. How’s life treating you?

  21. ksbel6 says:

    I had that thought also Dr. E, and I guessed that when the scene came on it made the kitty a little crazy, so they paused the movie, set up the camera, and played it over again. Since the laughter in the back ground sounds like it was well warmed up, my guess is this was the second time through.

  22. Josiah says:

    Wow — you’ve managed to combine the two purposes of the Internet (i.e. lesbians and cute kitties)!

  23. Josiah, too funny. I guess I have realized my destiny, then.

  24. Calico says:

    Haha, the Dr. loves the steamy hotel scene!
    I love Helen Shaver. Love Jane Rule too. The book “Desert of the Heart” is fabulous.
    Irony is, Helen met her husband on the set of DH!
    She did some wonderful director’s work on some eps of “The Psi Factor” too.

  25. ladiesbane says:

    My old boy cat (Prince Fishkin) was always on smooch patrol — but not so intrusively as a friend’s chow cross, who is the ultimate chaperone. The dog watching is nothing to the dog interrupting.

  26. Renee S. says:

    Doc W was already watching the movie from afar. That’s why they were filming. When Doc jumped up, it became even funnier. I especially like Doc’s silhouette in-between the kiss.

  27. Believer says:

    Acilius and I just got done watching “Desert Hearts”. We loved it. I especially agree with the cat on her scene selection.

  28. Kate L says:

    Feminista (#20) Hi! To quote Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation, “I am endevouring to function adequately”.

    Talking about television…hey, I fell asleep during Countdown last night on MSNBC, and I wake up to find that I missed Keith Olbermann’s final farewell! What the frak??? It has just been a couple of months since the 1967-age cable cable in my attic was replaced, and I’ve been able to receive MSNBC and Countdown and The Rachel Maddow Show and Hardball and the Mr. Ed Show. Now, this happens! God, I long for the days (several of them) when I was able to enjoy Worst Persons in the World without parentheses! At first, I thought it was a bit strong to call the segment that, but I warmed up to it. Hail and Farewell, Keith Olbermann!

  29. Sonya says:

    My ex and I had a cat who had no sense of propriety and would frequently come to bed when we were otherwise occupied–“Moms are cuddling in bed! It’s cuddling in bed time! I will cuddle with Moms.” And, boy howdy, he was determined. The bedroom door of our first apartment didn’t latch so it was hard to shut him out; even if we barricaded the door with a suitcase he still pushed inside so that he could Cuddle With Moms. And then he’d look so happy and cozy it was hard to boot him. I’m surprised we managed to have any sex at all.

  30. Jessica Bessica says:

    I just hope you know how to use that erg properly.