happy helliday

November 1st, 2007 | Uncategorized

Get the Hothead Paisan calendar!

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  1. leighisflying says:

    I can’t help myself but to exclaim out loud: “look, she’s playing the cello” everytime I see one of my cats doing yoga! Very cool calendar, I know what I want in my stocking.

  2. Leslei says:

    great contact. i’m buying.

  3. Leslei says:

    that reminds me, you drew about having a booth at the michigans womyns festival and you mentioned underwear with the characters and the days of the week in the strip. was that just a tease?

  4. Aunt Soozie says:

    I like that Hothead and her calendar
    and okay, yeah,
    I charge a hell of alot more for my services
    but Sheesh! Diane! We therapists gotta make a living, too. And I have the malpractice insurance to pay…

  5. April says:

    what would hothead’s indemnity premium be like i wonder? anyone have the calculations on that?

  6. Nickel Joey says:

    Aunt Soozie: I’d hire you in a heartbeat.

  7. Faoladh says:

    Ahhhh, what a day of perfection! My two favorite toons on the same page practically. Thank you, thank you!

  8. shadocat says:

    I’m with you Soozie–I want to get one too, but it’ll be awhile…

  9. The Cat Pimp says:

    DiMassa hasn’t been in my radar for a while. Glad to see she’s putting out a calendar. I love the line “I’m NOT YOUR SPRITZHEAD GIRLFRIEND!”. I think my favorite strip of hers was when she deconstructed the cosmetics industry in a superstore while chucking grenades into the air vents. Ah, good times.

  10. Colin Tedford says:


    I was idly wondering about calendars the other day…guess I’m done with that.

  11. Aunt Soozie says:

    Thanks Nickel…I’d cure you of whatever ails you so fast your pocketbook would hardly ache, much, at all.

  12. LondonBoy says:

    “It must be mine” !

    Bonus point to the first person who identifies that quote…

  13. Leslei says:

    LondonBoy: when HH is walking down the street and the construction worker grabs himself, and says she didn’t get the “right” dick. …….it’s a shot in the dark.

  14. Brian says:

    I’m pretty sure the line in that scene was “I must have it!” I could of course be wrong; memory is a funny thing.

    The line that comes to my mind right now is “BACK TO OUR STORY!” The finishing moment of one of my favorite scenes.

  15. Nickel Joey says:

    Aunt Soozie: You’re sweet. I’m sure you’re worth every penny. And hey — sometimes it costs a little more to work with the best, right? (That’s what I say about my freelance jobs, at least.)

  16. Dianne says:

    A calendar would be nice, but I’m having one of those days where I feel like Hothead herself would be even more welcome.

  17. LondonBoy says:

    Leslei, Brian:
    You may need to think in terms of characters in other cartoon strips…

  18. Em says:

    I really wish I had my big-ass HH book with me… stupid not being able to take all my books to my college apartment. But just being here where HH is a common reference point and I don’t have to explain and justify why I like it makes me a very happy Em.

  19. little gator says:

    I heart Chicken.

  20. Xena Fan says:

    Alison, PLEASE!! Bring back the DTWOF calendars!

  21. April says:

    Can’t have too many dyke-themed calendars AB. This year i resorted to desktop publishing for my dykey calendar needs. Original work, old strips, we don’t care – just so I can have Mo as Ms September!!

  22. Duncan says:

    So now I have to get the Hothead calendar *and* Juicy Mother #2.

  23. Alex K says:

    MOC sidenote, because this has NOTHING to do with the present thread, hence is Maoist and orange:

    A Sunday drive west along US 80 from the Delaware Water Gap to Dubois, PA: No signs yet spotted directing tourists to childhood home of AB.

    Who determines which cultural figures wind up on commemorative plaques?

  24. erin says:

    Just to share my joy with those that might get it….The Center for New Words in Cambridge hosted Jennifer Camper, Howard Cruse and Diane DiMassa last night. They were funny and laid back. Diane had a mock of the calendar with her – it looks great!

  25. Duncan says:

    I don’t know if this is orange or Maoist, but it’s a follow-up to the Doris Lessing thread last month. Powell’s.com has a review from Ms. of Lessing’s new novel The Cleft, which several people mentioned in that discussion:


    I think I’ll pass on it, myself. But I’ll be getting to Jeanette Winterson’s Stone Gods as soon as the library gets it catalogued.

  26. kate mckinnon says:

    Hey, Alison! What a great idea, a lesbian comic art calendar!
    And I see your fans are resorting to creating their own from cut and paste. Ha! We do what we can to get by.

  27. shadocat says:

    I do so miss the old “Dykes” calenders…

    Interesting review of “The Cleft” Duncan; I may pass on that one myself.

    For those who do want to speak of things Maoist and orange, or for anything else, one can always go here:


  28. NLC says:

    Lots of folks have expressed a hope/desire to see the D2WO4 calendars brought back.

    I would like to see this as much as anyone would, but, alas, as AB has pointed out the amount of additional work involved would surely make this prohibitive.

    How does this sound as a compromise:

    I was just thumbing through my copy of the 1997 calendar and I noticed that all the months following the Feb 29th “leap day” (i.e. Mar-Dec) are the same as in 2008.

    So (given that many folks have never seen most of these cartoons) how about we (re-)print up a bunch of 1997 calendars and then issue a Sharpie with each calendar so that folks could change the year on the front cover (which is the only place that “1997” appears on the calendar).

    Cool, huh?

  29. mlk says:

    that works for me, NLC, if I get a pass on January and February, 2008. can we just enter the year on March 1?

    or maybe we can pull from another year that has an identical January/February, if we *have* to start 2008 in January?

    but wait here — what is “leap day” doing in 1997? doesn’t that belong in 1996??!?! please clarify . . .

  30. Pam I says:

    The Cleft: I bought it and (because that’s what I do) read to the end. Throughout I just kept asking myself why Lessing created the two ultra-differentiated sub-species, especially the extremely blobby women. The only answer I can come up with is, to piss off feminists and those with that romantic idea of pre-historic pacifist pseudomatriarchal societies. What La Lessing seems to have missed, is that though these were very prevalent feminist ideologies in the 70s/early 80s, they have sunk pretty deep since then. It’s not a total write-off as a book, there are Ideas as well as provocations within it. As I said a few posts back, maybe she needed the money / had contract

    I’ve just finished one of Maggie J’s recommends from that thread – Island in the Sea of Time. It’s what you could call flawed, especially as I wasn’t expecting 600 pages. A later look at prehistory, 3000 years ago – on how do C20 people survive without renewed commodities, which is an interesting theme. Sadly the writer is obsessed by the detail of warfare and the effects on the body of a samurai sword. But the main character, a lesbian African-American ship’s captain, makes a nice change. The reviews on the Amazon listing are often outraged by this, so good luck to it, on balance.

    It’s such a treat to read schlocky novels and not feel guilty for not doing my degree reading. Cap n gown ceremony is tomorrow folks.

  31. Feminista says:

    Congrats,Pam I! Sending virtual chamnpagne (or sparkling cider)your way.

  32. Feminista says:

    That’s champagne,sorry.

  33. Aunt Soozie says:

    Pam I, congrats…NLC…too funny!
    Dear AB readers,
    I pose a question. One cat or two? I have a six yr old Persian female who doesn’t jump up on kitchen counters, always uses her litter box and is altogether sweet, friendly and cooperative. A friend just offered a seven week old kitten. Born in a barn but living in a family home since (so not too feral). What to do? Invite adorable furry trouble or stick with a known quantity? pussy polyamory or monogamy?

  34. The Cat Pimp says:

    Seven weeks old is a good age for socializing. Kitty might be more wired than the Persian (Persians are noted for being couch potatoes), but that can be fun. Check SPCA web sites for info on how to introduce two kitties without fuss. I doubt there will be litterbox issues (get one for each cat), but I also doubt New Kitten will stay off the counters. (I gave up – both my well-behaved Perfect cat, and the Big Blonde Goofball get up on the counters and the fridge.)

  35. liza from pine street art works says:

    Woohoo Pam! Mazeltov!

  36. shadocat says:

    Soozie–I say take the kitty.There will be a bit of hissing and fussing, but things will soon settle down, and your cat will be happy for the company. I just did this, and it’s working out fine so far.

    Congrats Pam!

  37. April says:

    Graggers, Pam I!! Jolly good show!

    Aunt Soozie, I must say I’m deeply prejudiced towards the monogamy side of everything. Not ideologically, I am just too damn lazy to provide for the needs of more than one of anything.

    One wife? check. One kid? check. One best mate? check. One cat? check.
    Second cat? unmitigated frikkin disaster.

    As I always say to my daughter: won the lottery with you, law of averages is a bitch.

  38. Pam I says:

    Thanks for the good wishes, my mum would have enjoyed this ceremony – that’s why I’m doing it, I can’t otherwise figure out why on earth I will stumbling about in medieval serge and tassels and applauding strangers for two hours.

    I once had an established cat (ex-feral but she knew which side her bread was buttered). I brought in and tamed two more pairs of feral kittens, who were soon tame enough to pass on – but meanwhile poor Next was a bit grumpy at being bounced into the fostermother role. I would often find her sitting in the bath, the only place the kittens couldn’t reach. The _look_ she would give me….

  39. Aunt Soozie says:

    Oh so much to ponder re:the kitten.
    Pam I, yes, do go for it..all the pomp and tassels. When I finished grad school our procession was led by bagpipers. I actually liked it…wearing that robe and marching behind the pipers. (never thought I’d be graduating from a hoity-toity private school)

  40. Lizzie from London says:

    I will add my congratulations. Was thinking about you in your robe at the bus stop today. My Cambridge graduation was a real rite of passage (aged 49, or even 50). You go in by one door and leave by another which lands you at the top of a flight of steps in the open air. Continuity and tradition are great things: they give the conservatives comfort and the rebels a chance to get a fix of adrenaline.

    Well done for sticking at the degree…

    What next ??

  41. Pam I says:

    I was thinking of taking up Law. Or medicine. Or I rather fancy those floppy betasseled hats, easier to keep on than this wretched mortarboard (I’m going to sleep in it).

  42. April says:

    Those bonnets are cool Pam I, you should go for it. Wear bonnets at every opportunity, that’s my motto.

  43. Dr. Empirical says:

    When I got my degree I made a gigntic mortarboard out of a Monopoly board and a tassle intended for theater curtains. At the post-defense party I carried a yardstick and used it to whack anyone who called me anything but “Doctor.”

    Congratulations, Pam I!

  44. Aunt Soozie says:

    Dr. E,
    Crack me up. wish I couldn’t seen ya. Any photos???

  45. Dr. Empirical says:

    I vaguely recall pictures being taken that night, but I never saw any.

    This was the party where people from all aspects of my life came together and didn’t speak to each other. The musicians were on the porch, the scientists were in the kitchen, the RPG geeks were upstairs and the lesbians were in the dining room. Playing Scrabble.

  46. Deena in OR says:

    Ooh, lesbians playing scrabble-sounds like my kind of party! Actually, sadly enough, it does. Although I suppose one could spice it up. Strip Scrabble, anyone?

    Kinda sounds like a premise for a strip or a DTWOF book cover…a snowbound night in with the girls at Mo and Sydney’s, maybe??