If you missed the musical…

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…you can still experience a lot of its magic on this amazing cast album. Plus there are extensive liner notes with great photos, a synopsis by Lisa Kron, and of course her amazing lyrics.

You can order it online here from PS Classics, but it should also be available on Feb. 25th wherever people get CDs. iTunes too I think but of course then you won’t get the physical package with the liner notes.

Here are some photos I took at the recording studio on the day they made the album last December. They’re not great photos but whatever, I was trying to shoot through the glass of the booth. Here you can see Joel Perez who plays Roy, Beth Malone who plays Alison, and Noah Hinsdale who plays my little brother John.


Here I am with the formidable Michael Cerveris who plays my father.

This is a not great shot of the most brilliant and melodious Judy Kuhn, who plays my mother. Interestingly, her posture in this candid hand-wringing shot is not unlike my mother’s. And that’s Roberta Colindrez on the right, who plays my college girlfriend Joan. (And also Tako on GIRLS!)

And here is the Great Kron.

And the Great Tesori, consulting with Chris Fenwick, the music director.

19 Responses to “If you missed the musical…”

  1. Ruth in RI says:

    Put it on my iPod. Welcome to the Fun Home turns out to be a great song to run to.

  2. Rob Barrett says:

    The best part is that I can get the U of Illinois to pay for this as part of course support for my “Comics and Graphic Narratives” class. 🙂

  3. MJ says:

    Been listening on repeat since I got it last week. Playing it at the office, now. 🙂

  4. NLC says:

    To ask an obvious question for those of us who “missed the musical…”:

    Has there been any talk of productions in other cities, and/or taking the show on the road? (Assuming this isn’t asking you to tell any secrets…)

    Maybe something by the Bolton Town Players?

    (But, without in any way dissing any of the other cast members, after hearing the preview of “Ring of Keys”, it seems like a primary bottleneck to other productions might be coming up with clones of Sydney Lucas.)

  5. Kate L says:

    Out here on the High Plains, we look forward to Fun Home, the major motion picture!!! 🙂

  6. M-H says:

    I just discovered you are coming to Sydney Australia! I have just bought tickets and am really looking forward to seeing and hearing you in person. I hope you have a great time in our lovely city.

  7. Kate L says:

    After listening to Ring of Keys yesterday, I went to the grocery store in Smallville, where I saw two different women who looked very much like the woman A.B. saw in the diner so long ago. I instinctively smiled a friendly smile when I encountered them. Their reaction was the same… they both smiled back, then looked puzzled as if they were thinking, “Do I know you???”. I bet A.B., Fun Home and Fun Home, the Musical are causing random acts of kindness to break out all over the world! 🙂

  8. Alex K says:

    @7 / Josiah — thanks for the link.

    A work like FUN HOME is multifarious. Pornographic, lesbian-promoting, dangerous, trenchant, amazing — its variety extends even to (one-handed?) reading matter for South Carolina state legislators.

    Art upsets you, affirms you, contradicts you, changes you. Changes YOU.

    FUN HOME changed me. Brava AB ! ! !

    And bravo the legislator who said to the press, “This book is too wicked for our wives, our servants, our children to read!” Bet that meant that all over the Palmetto State children, servants, and wives darted upstairs to the Internets and ordered themselves a copy.

  9. Erin B says:

    So exciting. Thank you for sharing these photos and your stories. I’ve been reading your comics since way back when and now enjoy your graphic novels.

  10. NLC says:

    OK, dumb question time…

    What’s that on Michael Cerveris’ arm?

    In the picture above with AB, when I zoom in on his right forearm MC appears to be wearing a black wristband. About an inch above that he has what –for all the all the world– appears to be something like a subway token embedded in the skin of his forearm.

    What am I actually seeing here?

  11. It IS a subway token embedded in his skin. He is a badass!

    Actually it’s just a tattoo.

  12. Rob Barrett says:

    The CD arrived today; glad I ordered the hard copy because the liner notes are wonderful.

  13. Mentor says:

    [For interested parties in the neighborhood, there will a “CD Signing and Performance” for the CD at the Barnes & Noble on 86th St in New York on Mar 13.

    More details HERE. –Mentor]

  14. Chip says:

    To my delight, the CD I ordered was delivered to my hotel earlier this week and is now in my iTunes where I’ve been listening to it. It’s every bit as wonderful and excruciating as I expected it to be… and I hope I get to play keyboards for it someday! (The cellist on the recording, Emily Brausa, is someone I know and have worked with. I’ll be sending her a message to tell her how envious I am of her.) Brava to you, and kudos to all who worked on the show!

  15. Cathy says:

    Hey, my nephew Brian noted on his Tumblr blog that the College of Charleston faces funding cuts for putting “Fun Home” on its list of books for freshmen to read. He also cited Alison’s response as reported by NPR (my nephew’s dad–my brother–works for NPR) and noted that I gave him a signed copy of “Fun Home” one previous Christmas. See http://thebartolonomicron.tumblr.com/ (you may have to scroll down to get to the Feb. 28 posting that quotes Alison). Brian is a college freshman himself who studies game design and art.

  16. Kate L says:

    The U.S. seems to have backed slowly away from the space-time vortex that would have sucked us into an alternate universe where discrimination against the LGBT community was legally protected by law in various states. I’ve noticed that the national press seems to think that pressure from outside the state of Kansas prevented what would have been the first such law to be passed. But, really, it was the in-state outcry focused on the state capitol in Topeka that did it. That confirms what I noticed locally in Smallville when I campaigned door-to-door against an anti-gay marriage amendment in the state constitution. Smallville nearly voted the amendment down, and it was because most people, even people who didn’t know anyone who was openly LGBT or had never thought about gay marriage, didn’t want to see the state single out any group of people for second-tier treatment.

  17. KarenF says:

    Got the album from Amazon and it’s worth getting a physical CD with the insert booklet because there is great information in the booklet including every lyric and word in the play. I’ve listened to it once all the way through so far with booklet in hand. The music is great, the words are very clearly sung and spoken, the story has great emotional impact and it’s very interesting and well done. I so hope the show goes to Broadway. I feel like I’ve been to the actual play. That’s how great of an experience it was to listen to. I will leave a great review on Amazon too and thanks so much for Fun Home – the book – the play – the musical’s CD.

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