Ring of Keys!

February 11th, 2014 | Uncategorized

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Here’s a preview of the Fun Home cast album.

Beth Malone as Alison speaks at the beginning, then the amazing Sydney Lucas as Small Alison sings “Ring of Keys.” In the below pic from the recording session, Sydney is third from the right.


If you want the album you can pre-order it here. It’ll be released on February 25. You can also hear clips of other songs from the play if you click that link!

11 Responses to “Ring of Keys!”

  1. Liz says:

    Amazing news!

  2. MJ says:

    I just got my shipping confirmation for this. That was my favorite song!

  3. Kate L says:

    In its infinite wisdumb, the Kansas House of Representatives has just passed a bill allowing discrimination against the LGBT community in Kansas by anyone in private business or the government, as long as the person in business or government doing the discrimination claims that their religion makes them do it. Supporters of the bill say that it protects religious freedom. To discriminate against others. Hey, Mentor, how do I apply for political asylum in Vermont???

  4. Chip says:

    I ordered the CD, of course. It’s the least I can do since I never made it to see the show (though I desperately wanted to, but the realities of being on tour…) Anyway, I love the sound clips and can’t wait!

  5. Joe Code says:

    We saw the show the day before it closed, and loved it. The show was completely sold out. It should be re-opened on Broadway. It would run for years.

  6. Kate L says:

    Protests have shamed the Kansas state senate into not passing the law that would have authorized discrimination against the LGBT. For now.

    Mary Canfield, who played the role of carpenter Ralph Monroe on the 60’s sitcom Green Acres, has passed away. I don’t know about you, but I always identified with her character. Wearing a tool belt. Doing carpentry. Playing softball. Things I wanted to do, but which I kept in the deepest, darkest corner of my mind, where no one would know.

  7. Kate L says:

    … (Kate L #7) the Kansas state legislature has now moved on to a Koch brothers – based initiative to ban non-fossil fuel energy generation on the Kansas grid, and to amend the state law that allows teachers to spank children “if it does not leave a mark” to allow spanking that does leave a mark. No, I am not making any of this up…

  8. Those pages in Fun Home, oh, that lovingly drawn and lingered over fat butch, they are among my favorite in a book where I love pretty much every page. The song is amazing. The cd is on the desk behind me.

  9. Alex K says:

    “The liner notes”. AB, is the CD to include a libretto? Living far away, I imagine that text between song might carry weight.

    So many aspects in which FUN HOME appears. Historical present. Has appeared. Continues to appear. Will appear.

  10. Alex K says:

    @9 — “Lovingly drawn”. The bulldagger, yes. The clerk – cook, yes. Foregrounded, substantial. Father and daughter, background, observers.

    Style of drawing, four for four: How little AB makes of her subjects’ mouths. A dot. A short, lipless line.

    Perhaps she speaks for them, as their puppeteer, narratrix express and implicit, in the interlaced text.

    What need have they for more than gestures at mouths?