Rochester Institute of Technology

December 1st, 2010 | Uncategorized

If you’re in the area, come hear me talk Thursday 12/2 at 8 pm at the Ingle Auditorium in the Student Alumni Union.

Here are a few more details.

Engineers! I can’t wait.

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  1. Kate L says:

    Wimmin engineers are almost as cool as wimmin geologists! 🙂 No joke, I betcha they will be wearing jeans, plaid shirts and hiking boots!

  2. :) says:

    Funny story: I failed/dropped out of RIT a year ago. I wasn’t an engineer, though, sorry. If I didn’t already have a copy of Fun Home signed by you (California, several years ago, doubt you’d remember), I’d make my girlfriend, who’s still there for a few months, go to your talk. I thought about busing it up there, but cost is inhibitive and hanging around a school I dropped out of kind of breaches my humiliation threshold.

    Unrelated, but none of the queer female engineering majors I knew there wore flannel. Two were butch, but the rest were all sort of very soft butch or high femme. I dunno why. They sure were cute, though. And smart.

    Good luck at RIT, don’t get lost in all the bricks 🙂

  3. Sara says:

    Seriously re all the brick. I am a faculty member at RIT (well, NTID), and while I don’t wear flannel (though I am not opposed to the idea) I do have pretty awesome boots ;). Nor am I anywhere close to high femme although occasionally I play one as a figure skater LOL

    Can’t way to see your talk – I teach until just before 8 but will be there!


  4. Andrew B says:

    Alison, thank you for posting this. I won’t be in Rochester today, but it was getting weird to see your talks announced only by Mentor as comments in unrelated threads. The people who follow your blog really are interested in what you’re up to. That may mean we have too much time on our hands, or worse, but it’s not your responsibility to reform us.

    And I’m sure you’ll see some engineers at your talk, but you’ll also see students from the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (where Sara teaches), furniture makers from the School of American Crafts, and photographers. (RIT has one of the best photography programs in the USA.)

    So, I’m feeling boosterish today. But seriously, a modest, self-effacing blogger is a contradiction in terms.

  5. NLC says:

    Andrew B#4:
    Not to mention their (RIT’s) Film Studies department (which, ahem, my daughter currently attends)

  6. I’m sorry I’ve been so unbloggy lately. I think I will probably come back out of my shell when I’ve finished the book I’ve been working on for so long now.

  7. For me, blogging and writing seem to exist in an inverse ratio to one another.

  8. Ian says:

    Well, if you’re flying you might get some action according to this guy in Virginia:

    I know us queers have been blamed for almost everything including WWII, but the TSA ‘enhanced patdowns are part of the homosexual agenda’ apparently.

  9. What gets me about the assumption these guys are making that a gay man would inevitably find it exciting to touch a stranger’s genitals outside a sexual setting is the implicit admission that straight men of course get off on searching women — but that’s not a problem. Unwanted sexual perusal, language and contact is only a violation if it’s a MAN being subjected to it.

  10. Ellen O. says:

    I wonder if straight men are concerned that they will become aroused when patted down by another man.

  11. Jdiggy says:

    Great talk, Alison! Thanks for making the trek! My son was excited to get your advice for a young cartoonist.

  12. Kate L says:

    The back of my head is in this photo, which appeared in yesterday’s student paper. I’m one of several hundred people listening to the speaker at the pro-adding LGBT to the city human rights ordinance rally.

  13. RITeNow says:

    What? No pictures of your visit? 😉

  14. Andrew B says:

    Alison, I’m assuming 6 was partly a response to 4. I’m glad you’re getting work done on the new book and if that means you’re not blogging much, fine. I was trying to say that when you’ve got an event scheduled, I hope you’ll announce it. The amount of time it took you to write this post can’t be much compared to the time it took you to travel to Rochester and give the talk. That’s all — not a request for longer posts or more of them.

  15. khatgrrl says:

    If you click “events,” you get a listing of where she will be appearing. When it is posted here, it is more of a reminder. Hope the talk went well.

  16. Marj says:

    Busy trying to work out which head is Kate L’s…

  17. Kate L says:

    (Marj #16) Hint: I’m kind of shocked to see a baldish spot on the back top of my head… I don’t get to see back there too often!

  18. Kate L, so you’re the one in the baseball cap?

  19. Acilius says:

    Thanks for sharing the pic, Kate!

    Excellent point about the TSA patdowns, Maggie.

  20. Jennifer G says:

    My mom used to work at NTID in the late 70’s. RIT/NTID has exceptionally good taste. Glad they had you.