Virtual Book Tour!

April 26th, 2021 | Uncategorized

I’m doing a bunch of online events for my new book, The Secret to Superhuman Strength, starting next week. I hope you can come to one!

May 4, 7 pm 92nd Street Y with Roz Chast
Tickets here

May 5, 7:30 pm ET Philadelphia Free Library
Tickets here

May 6, 5 pm ET West x Midwest with Cheryl Strayed
Register here

May 7, 6 pm ET City Arts & Lectures with George McCalman
Tickets here

May 10, 7 pm ET Brookline Booksmith/Wilbur Theatre with Stacy Schiff
Tickets here

May 11, 7 pm ET Chicago Humanities Festival with Nicole Eisenman
Tickets here

May 12, 7 pm ET Left Bank Books with Dani Shapiro
Details here

May 13, 8 pm ET Librairie D+Q and The Beguiling (Canada)
Watch here

May 19, 5 pm ET Scripps College with Ann Friedman
Tickets here

14 Responses to “Virtual Book Tour!”

  1. Sue Halpern says:

    May whenever walkie talkie. xoxo

  2. Mel Valentine says:

    signed up. CANNOT wait. what a delight

  3. Whew! That’s exciting! And it’s a lot of events!

  4. Aneliese says:

    Woo hoo!
    Roz Chast too, how fun! I’m going to that one. Also, got my book today that I pre-ordered from Asheville, NC’s indie bookstore!

  5. NLC says:

    (A scene soon to take place, one universe over…)

    “So, Alison, here’s your tickets for the next week and a half: Vermont To NYC, …to Philadelphia, …to Minneapolis, …to San Francisco, …to Boston, …to St Louis, …to Toronto, and …to Claremont California.

    OK, GO!!!”

  6. Mentor says:

    [[Review of SSS in today’s NYTimes: [CLICK HERE]. –Mentor]]

  7. Diamond says:

    These are such strange times. I seem to have just booked a ticket with one click to see Alison Bechdel AND Cheryl Strayed, live from Minneapolis into my living room in Manchester UK next week! How extraordinary is that.

    I last saw Alison speak at the Labrys lesbian book festival at York race course in who knows what year that must have been. I think Sarah Waters was there too, along with zillions of women, impeccably organised by the wonderful Jenny Roberts. Those were the days.

  8. Alison Bechdel says:

    Yes, one good thing to come of the pandemic is the ability to collapse space and do virtual talks. I’m very relieved not to have to take all those flights–I feel like every time I cross the country in an airplane it takes me three months to get my equilibrium back. Though it is sad not to get to actually meet Cheryl Strayed, and Roz Chast, and the attendees in person. Everything dissolves as soon as one clicks “leave meeting.”

  9. NLC says:

    It is indeed strange to think about the paradoxes of events here in The Crazy Days.

    For example, last night I happened to attend a (Zoom-)reading which included one of my all-time top-of-the-list writing gods Jane Hirshfield. It was wonderful, of course; but, still, it would have been great to have met her, maybe spoken to her, and to do something more traditional like, say, get some books signed.

    OTOH, as Diamond suggests, the reality is that without an opportunity such as this (and given that JH and I live about as far apart from each other as is possible for two people who both live in US) it’s quite likely that I never would have had a chance to attend one of her readings otherwise.

    (I suppose it might also be counted as an net-win that the situation also saved me from possibly embarrassing myself by going all fan-geek on her…)

    But now that I write this it occurs to me that we probably need to develop a new vocabulary for discussing these things. Terms like “attend”, “meet”, “hear live”, “event” or even “with” don’t quite accurately describe what’s really going on here, but you know what I mean.

  10. NLC says:

    P.S. On the other hand, the hummingbirds returned today to southern Vermont, and I don’t need Zoom for that.

  11. Mara of the zoom says:

    Signed up for your event at my alma mater. Very excited, I love your work!!

  12. Ellen Orleans says:

    Ha! That conversation with Roz Chast was brilliant, with such commonalities and contrasts. It felt like a true conversation — not over-prepared or robotic.

    I heard my Uncle’s voice in Roz, as he was a dedicated Manhattanite, utterly puzzled by my love of hiking, birding, and kayaking. I miss both New York and Vermont!

    Our local bookstore just emailed me that your book is ready for pick-up. Exciting times.

  13. Alison Bechdel says:

    Ellen! So glad you were there! I could see your question in the queue but Roz didn’t get to it—yeah, it was funny the ways we contrasted and overlapped. She is so freakin hilarious. I hope you like the book!

  14. freyakat says:

    Hi Alison,

    I loved your conversation with Roz Chast, and it was fun and interesting to hear your respective takes on death and exercise and other things as well. I do hope that you two get a chance to meet up in person to shoot the breeze as it were. I biked down to the Strand earlier in the day to pick up my ‘signed bookplate’ copy of SSS, which I have just started to dig into. BTW t
    o be a bit cryptic for those who haven’t (yet?) attended one of your virtual events, I have to say that I am quite dubious about ever hearing someone’s idea of the voices of Mo or Clarice or Ginger or any of those womyn with whom I kept company over those many years. Let’s see what the future holds.