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Tabloid Update

March 18th, 2008

Photo 226

I’m speechless with gratitude for the articles and ads coming in for this project. Thank you all so much! To recap, there’s a big volume of DTWOF coming out this fall, and the publisher is producing a promotional piece to send to bookstores about it—a fake issue of “The Daily Distress,” the newspaper in my comic strip. It’s filled with ads and articles about the characters, contributed by YOU. (See here for more details about this crazy scheme.) All participants get a copy of the book when it comes out, and if your ad or article is chosen for the finished piece, you’ll also get an original DTWOF comic strip.

Check out what people have sent in so far. Here’s the page where I’m putting up the articles . And here are the ads. I’m updating these as more stuff comes in. And hey, can we redirect comments about the project to this post? The other ones are getting a tad unwieldy.

A Canadian secondary school student (that’s high school for us amurricans) just sent in a brilliant article. “Polyamorous Secret Gay Network Found in Bed with the World Wide Web and Publishing Company.” It took her a while because she had to finish an essay on Stalin first.

DTWOF episode #524

March 18th, 2008

524 web closeup

Please don’t let this distract you from your article-writing and ad-composing for The Daily Distress!

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