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If you missed the musical…

February 19th, 2014


…you can still experience a lot of its magic on this amazing cast album. Plus there are extensive liner notes with great photos, a synopsis by Lisa Kron, and of course her amazing lyrics.

You can order it online here from PS Classics, but it should also be available on Feb. 25th wherever people get CDs. iTunes too I think but of course then you won’t get the physical package with the liner notes.

Here are some photos I took at the recording studio on the day they made the album last December. They’re not great photos but whatever, I was trying to shoot through the glass of the booth. Here you can see Joel Perez who plays Roy, Beth Malone who plays Alison, and Noah Hinsdale who plays my little brother John.


Here I am with the formidable Michael Cerveris who plays my father.

This is a not great shot of the most brilliant and melodious Judy Kuhn, who plays my mother. Interestingly, her posture in this candid hand-wringing shot is not unlike my mother’s. And that’s Roberta Colindrez on the right, who plays my college girlfriend Joan. (And also Tako on GIRLS!)

And here is the Great Kron.

And the Great Tesori, consulting with Chris Fenwick, the music director.

Ring of Keys!

February 11th, 2014

Bechdel i-vi,1-234F

Here’s a preview of the Fun Home cast album.

Beth Malone as Alison speaks at the beginning, then the amazing Sydney Lucas as Small Alison sings “Ring of Keys.” In the below pic from the recording session, Sydney is third from the right.


If you want the album you can pre-order it here. It’ll be released on February 25. You can also hear clips of other songs from the play if you click that link!

Leaving France

February 3rd, 2014


I’m leaving France and heading home. Not because of the massive anti-gay protests that happened here yesterday, just because it’s time to go. There have been these big demonstrations lately where people carry pink and baby blue banners and equate gay marriage with “familyphobia.” Their slogan is “Manif Pour Tous,” which I think is short for “manifesto for all.” (Though “all” seems a little disingenuous.) Libération’s headline about it today reads, “la grande manip,” which seems to be a pun, as in manipulation. It feels like a great triumph to understand a pun in French, though of course I could be mistaken about the whole thing.

The Angoulême comics festival was amazing. I spent many hours signing books and drawing pictures in them, and met lots of people. Here is a reader from Luxembourg who wanted to take this picture because we were dressed alike. Unfortunately I was not wearing my blue checked shirt that day.



And here is the amazing Israeli cartoonist Rutu Modan, who I got to have dinner with one night. She won a big prize at the festival for her new book The Property, which I have not read yet but it looks really great.


Also I got to sign for a while next to the genial (in its original, genius-related sense, not in its meaningless “awesome” sense) Joost Swaarte. He drew astonishing things for people. And he wore two pairs of glasses-his regular ones over his reading glasses. Like Holly does! Okay. Gotta come home now.