Fun Home! The Musical!

August 6th, 2013 | Uncategorized

The musical version of Fun Home, created by Jeanine Tesori (music) and Lisa Kron (book and lyrics) is opening for real this October at the Public Theater in NYC. Here’s a picture of me last fall, during the workshop of the play, with Sydney Lucas, the girl who plays “Small Alison.” Hearing her sing Lisa and Jeanine’s song “Ring of Keys,” based on page 118 of the book, is worth the price of admission.


Here I am with all three Alisons, including Beth Malone (regular Alison), and Alexandra Socha (Medium Alison.)


Well, come see for yourself if you want. Tickets go on sale on August 8. Here’s a link to Fun Home on the Public Theater’s site.

22 Responses to “Fun Home! The Musical!”

  1. Jain says:

    Welcome back. Missed you. You’ll let us know, of course, if Fun Home goes on tour & comes west.

  2. rinky says:

    I so wish I could go. It’s a bit far away. Sounds fantastic

  3. Fi says:

    Don’t suppose a tour to Australia would be on the cards…? Lovely weather. Many friendly lesbians and friendly others too.
    No? Oh well; had to ask!

  4. Anna in Albuquerque says:

    I wonder what it must be like to be with people who are playing you?

  5. Andrew says:

    I am seeing it! And I cannot wait! I am overcome with exclamation points!

  6. MJ says:


  7. Kate L says:

    Wow, it must be interesting to see people playing the role of you at various ages in your life!

    And, welcome back! No need to apologize to us, we are your guests, after all! 🙂

    From the last post: Iconic womb chair – related. When I saw the T-shirt design, I immediately thought of the chair of the same design from Patrick Magoohan’s iconic 60’s TV series, The Prisoner. Of course, pretty much everything reminds me of something from iconic 60’s TV series.

  8. Kate L says:

    The Womb Chair (60’s version, background, in the Village).

  9. Anonymous says:

    Concerning the Womb (nee’ “Ball”) chair:

    1] Ditto in “Men in Black”

    2] You can buy your own (via Amazon) [HERE].

  10. Victoria says:

    Then we can look forward to the Saturday morning cartoon version of Fun Home! And don’t forget products! I think this would make a great high school production, too. How interesting that your family’s life will be ACTUAL theater, after just feeling like it was theater all these years……

  11. Therry and St. Jerome says:

    So good to see the blog alive with great news! Looking forward keenly to clips from YouTube of the actual production.

  12. Cathy K. says:


  13. Suzanonymous says:

    That’s awesome.. 🙂

  14. Howard Cruse says:

    I think it’s so great that you’re getting to have this experience, Alison!

  15. LondonBoy says:

    OMG, Howard Cruse follows Alison Bechdel! I’m going to have a fanboy moment here, then just die of bliss!

  16. […] Alison Bechdel posted Fun Home! The Musical! […]

  17. cybercita says:

    I saw it when it was being workshopped last spring, and it was brilliant. {Thanks again, Alison.}

  18. Claire CC says:

    Oh gosh I wish this was closer to me. My dream would be this coming to Colorado.

  19. R Dale Smith says:

    I’m teaching FUN HOME in a Queer Lit class at my univ this fall. It’s out first reading. The discussion started yesterday and the class is loving it–giving them so much to talk about! A student mentioned that she heard it was becoming a musical, which brought me here. Hope to see it at The Public this fall, if I can put together a wkend in the city. Thanks for your book.

  20. Laurence Frommer says:

    The graphic novel was one of the most intelligent, moving and quite frankly heartbreaking piece of literature I’ve ever read1 I have tix for the show at the Public Theater in October and I CANT WAIT!

  21. ToscasKiss says:

    Alison Bechdel and Jeanine Tesori! Two of my favorite artists in the world. Wish I could go to NYC to see this.

    Next can’t we have an animated musical series of DTWOF? A dream.

  22. A Nony Mouse says:

    Saw the show in previews, it is great. They’ve added a bit more “fun” to it. Alison B. is correct: when the little Alison (Sydney Lucas) sings the song “Ring of Keys” in the diner scene, it is one of the most uplifting moments in theater you’ll see in a long time. It’s a fantastic tune, the full orchestration gives it the power it deserves and the young lady singing it just nails it completely.