knocked out

March 22nd, 2008 | Uncategorized


This is me, supine with awe and gratitude for all the brilliant ads and articles and classifieds everyone sent in this week. I’ve got the last batch of stuff up now. Actually, I haven’t evenhad a chance to read through the latest classifieds yet. I’ve been trying to write the next episode. In case you’ve been away from the blog for a while, we’ve been in somewhat of a fanfiction frenzy. To promote the publication this fall of The Essential Dykes To Watch Out For, my publisher thought of putting together an issue of The Daily Distress, the newspaper in my comic strip, composed of articles and ads submitted by the folks on this blog.

And you came through with such brilliant stuff. I’m just knocked out. (See above.)

So what happens now is, I turn all this stuff over to the marketing people, and between us we’ll decide what goes into the final piece. They’re doing all the production and everything. Once that’s all figured out, I’ll announce here on the blog the names of the people whose work made it into the actual fake issue of the Daily Distress.

All contributors will get a copy of the new book. And everyone whose work we use will get a book and some original DTWOF artwork.

You all so totally rule.

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  1. Ellen O. says:

    Thanks for your generosity and good will, Alison. Rest up so you can hit the ink and poster board running!

    Cool photo of you and your cat too.

  2. --MC says:

    It was a good excuse to put my DTWO4 paperback collection up on my desk and read each one through, looking for ideas for ads and pictures to use. Spending so much time looking at somebody else’s work inspired me to spend some time on my own for a little while, as well.

  3. kellan says:

    Oh no! I’m just finishing my piece now because I’m a loser and didn’t notice the other post moving up the due date! Maybe I can still send it in… *keeps fingers crossed*

    In any case, you definitely deserve a rest. Thanks for offering us all this juicy opportunity to horn in on your creative world!

  4. Feminista says:

    I too am in awe at this outstanding outpouring by this long list of lucky libidinous literary luminaries. I too sought to submit my subliminal sanctimonious scribblings,but alas,the dreaded deadline doomed me. Curses! Continuous curtailment of curious creations!

  5. sparks says:

    Ah, the cartoonist crashes!

    Um, did some of us get edited out? I mean, I’d understand, but…maybe it got lost? I sent mine in Fri eve (okay, west coast time, but still Friday by several hours here) and it’s not up. I mean, it’s not a luminous piece, but I thought it had some redeeming moments.

    Like kellan, keeping fingers crossed…

    (For, er, reference purposes if you go looking, Alison, it was an article detailing a fictional meeting of the GLBTRT (Gay Lesbian Bisexual Round Table — it really exists, but mine is completely made up) of the American Library Association.)

    I have so enjoyed reading all this.

  6. Sorry Sparks! I’m afraid I lost track of your piece in all the madness, but it’s up now!

    Also another article on Pride, very nice.

  7. The Cat Pimp says:

    The look on the cat’s face. “LOL. I PWNED THE HUMAN.”

  8. sk in london says:

    exhausted, you must be… want a cushion?

  9. Fabian Alvarez says:

    Thanks to you, Alison, for letting us play in your sandbox, and to write our own scripts for your delightful characters.

  10. Jesse N says:

    Your cat looks very happy being so close to your face!

    Sparks, as a fledgling librarian, I really appreciated the GLBTRT segment. Thanks!

  11. joan h. says:

    For the ad, “Susan’s Rainbow”, may I humbly suggest for the colour orange: a fabulous 1990 British lesbian movie, “Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit” by Jeanette Winterson.

  12. More awesome entries from Iara–“Sydvin & Mobbes,” and a Sudyku puzzle! See the articles page!

  13. b. says:

    “All contributors will get a copy of the new book. And everyone whose work we use will get a book and some original DTWOF artwork.”

    -> way cool Alison!

  14. Dale says:

    I feel a haiku coming on….

    Lesbians worldwide
    Putting forth their best writing
    Oh look! Even ads!

  15. sparks says:

    Glad to oblige, Jesse!

  16. sparks says:

    Oops, and thanks, Alison!

  17. anon et al says:

    To WH – your lyrics are incredible and I could relate all too well. Do you live in the Seattle area? I want to meet you! Now I must go plunk out the melody…

    p.s. Allison – nice new frames. do you still have the literary round ones or did you trade ’em in? Just curious. (I have frame issues.)

  18. Ian says:

    I love Keith Graeske’s mini book reviews – absolutely wonderful.

  19. LJR says:

    It’s just exciting to be able to contribute something to a strip that I’ve been following for so long.

    The really fun part is going to be standardizing all of the surnames and name variations that people were coming up with.

  20. Keith says:

    Ian–thanks for the compliment–I wish I could say that I’m an original genius, but all of the titles (and even some of the authors) are from the strip. (And the quasi-theory about Camille Faglia: pure AB.)

  21. Anonymous says:

    There’s a reference to Pussy Palace as a women’s bathhouse in one of the ads – that’s the name of the bathhouse in Toronto ( see their website), but I’m sure they’d appreciate the nod if that ad makes the cut.

  22. KarenE says:

    I made that ad, and yep, I knew there was a “real” version in TO, lets hope they don’t mind!

  23. Hey, some new ads & articles straggled in today. Check ’em out!

  24. tmcmistress says:

    I call shenanigans on your picture! You obviously haven’t really been knocked out, as your cat is unperturbed by your apparent collapse! Fakery! Trickery! Grr! =)

  25. jayinchicago says:

    I roared with laughter over the new bookstore closing/medusa.com targeted ad.

  26. oceans 111 says:

    jayinchi – I think that’s my favorite too, although I had to roar with laughter at the “Man-Skirt” ad when I noticed it was given an address just down the street from me here in Ballard. Wierdly, I seem to miss all of the men who wear those things. I didn’t even see one at the Democratic caucuses, where I was sure they would be in evidence.

    Take a rest, oh wiped out one. When you come back out from under, I sent a version of the “Kvetchers” ad without the typos…

    Oh, and the ad for making semsuous dessert was great, too!

  27. oceans 111 says:

    Oh, hey, I’ve been away for a few days, so if someone already asked this, I’m osrry to duplicate, but will there also be a “regular” D2WO4 book coming out soon? I.e. the last few years in the ~ 5×8.5 inch format?

  28. Jana C.H. says:

    Oceans 111– Hey, I’m a Ballardian, too! I think it’s time for another Seattle get-together. I’ve been noticing Seattle people on the blog recently, and I’d like to see geogeek again. How about a meeting at Snoose Junction Pizza?

    If anyone is interested I’ll post a notice, and we can all go and discuss it on Maoist Orange Cake.

    Jana C.H,
    Saith Stan Boreson: Don’t leave the halibut on the poop deck.

  29. Twyla Dawn says:

    Dear Alison,
    I was stunned to discover a panel from your strip in a book about women who create comics (“From Girls to Grrrllzzz”), in which a woman named Twyla discovers her new lover is a morning person…well hell, I want to see more of this other Twyla. sure beats Barbie naming her cat Twyla. or the memorial website dedicated to a German shepard dog who actually had both my names, Twyla Dawn… please take time out from your very busy day to tell me where I can see more adventures of myself….
    thanks from Munich xoxoxo Twyla

  30. Chris says:

    Johanna, a toast to your Medusa ad. SMTWOF and the promo code. Excellent. Thank you.

  31. anon et al says:

    hey Jana,

    count me in for the Ballard gathering, if I may!

    – ck

  32. --MC says:

    Where is Snoose Junction Pizza? I’m working in Ballard now, near the historic Sunset Bowl. Do you all bowl? Could meet for bowling, while we still can.

  33. ocean geek says:

    Hey, all Ballardians, who knew there were so many of us? Jana, I’m geogeek by another name – I got mixed up from another blog. See you at Maoist Orange Cake –

  34. Jana C.H. says:

    MC– Snoose Junction Pizzeria is a new place, near the corner of Ballard and Market, next door to the India Bistro. The sign is not large.

    I do not bowl, but going to the Sunset Bowl before it is destroyed is a good idea. I will get something up on the MOC, then post an announcement on Alison’s next thread.


  35. The Cat Pimp says:

    Sigh. I live in the wrong town. All you Ballardites have a great time!

  36. --MC says:

    Maybe people could just dine in the Sunset Bowl restaurant. They have milkshakes!

  37. Jana C.H. says:

    Let’s meet in the restaurant at Sunset Bowl (1420 NW Market Street), which is closing for good in April. All we really need to decide is the date and time. Considering the impending doom of the Bowl, it had better be the first week in April. I am not available on Saturday, April 5— Legislative District caucuses!

    We will thrash out the details over at Maoist Orange Cake (http://maoistorangecake.blogspot.com/) among us Orangeists and Bechdel fans; if you can make it, you’re invited.

    Jana C.H.
    Seattle, Soviet of Washington
    Old USSR Joke: There’s no Pravda in Izvestia and no Izvestia in Pravda.

  38. Johanna S. says:

    Hey, thanks, jayinchicago, oceans 111 and Chris! Can’t take credit for the Sensitive Men tho, as I quite shamelessly stole them from here. And the idea itself was pretty much Ian’s, originally mentioned here somewhere (about 1/3 down the page).

  39. Johanna S. says:

    … and THEN I realise that it is in fact possible to link directly to a comment! Here is Ian’s nifty idea.

  40. geogeek says:

    Hey, sorry to clutter up the site with meeting stuff, but I can’t post at the Maoist Orange Cake site. I may not be able to make it, since I’ll be out of town 4 – 10 April, but I’ll keep an eye out and come if I can. I’ve been living in Ballard for over 10 years, worked across the street for a year or so, and have never been to the Sunset Bowl…

  41. Ian says:

    Johanna, I blush – I’d no idea anyone had taken up the challenge, so to speak. It was just a passing flash of a glimmer of an idea, but you’ve executed it brilliantly and hilariously.

    I lurve the name Ceres Stilton!

  42. Jana C.H. says:

    Geogeek– We can make the meeting on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. I’ll post a note to that effect on the MOC.


  43. Stephen Frug says:

    Could we have more details on precisely which strips are going into/being omitted from the book? Preferably in a post, so it doesn’t get lost in a comment thread? I know you said it’s up through #517, but I think you also said some are being left out.

    Odd as it is, given that I own all of the collections, but I am very eager to see every single strip included — if only so I can buy it for friends and feel like it’s complete. And, of course, I am *so* buying one of these for myself, even if I do have the individual volumes…



    PS: Looking forward to your Ithaca visit!

  44. geogeek says:

    Jana – if your’es till checking this, I looked at Maoist Orange Cake, and will be at the Sunset Bowl shorty before sunset on Wednesday. Still can’t post there – sorry!

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