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into the wild blue yonder yet again, this time sans hair product

September 3rd, 2006

I’m leaving shortly for Seattle, for my Bumbershoot appearance tomorrow night. I’m really dreading the cross-country flight without water. Since you can’t bring any liquids in your carry-on luggage, here’s my plan: instead of checking my suitcase and risking it ending up in Borneo, I’ll just check my toilet kit, which is where all the liquids reside. That way I might arrive in Seattle without my toothpaste or hair stuff, but at least I’ll have my clothes.

The bigger question, though, is whether I will arrive in Seattle at all. I just discovered that I have a fucking half-hour to make my connection in Philadelphia. And that’s the last flight of the day to Seattle. 90% of the last twenty flights I’ve been on have been at least a half-hour late, so the likelihood that I’ll be spending the night in Philly seems disturbingly high.

It helped to vent like this, however. Thanks for listening.