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Malaprop’s Bookstore, Asheville NC

September 30th, 2006


Such a huge throng showed up for my reading last night at Malaprop’s that we had to scrurry and rig up a bigger screen, because the tiny living room-sized one was clearly not going to suffice.

impromptu screen

It was a very lovely evening. People asked some difficult questions, like, how did writing Fun Home change me. It’s like having therapy in front of a crowd.

Here’s how pretty Asheville is at the ungodly hour I at which had to arise this morning.

dawn in asheville

As soon as I pack my tents, I’m going back to my favorite airport, ATL, en route to St. Louis. Maybe on the flights I’ll have time to finally read all the comments on the Michigan Fest brouhaha, which I now see number three hundred and two.