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Attn: Persons in Proximity to Burlington

September 8th, 2006

Katie here-

The Art Hop is this weekend, so come and see Alison and Phranc’s show, “Paper Play” at Pine Street Artworks. It’s open from 5-10pm today, Sept 8th, and from 10am – 4pm tomorrow, Sept 9th. You may recall the original entry about this show. Alison’s been hard at work creating huge foam and paper people-in-action for phom Phranc has created intricate paper clothing. I’ve witnessed these figures lying around, dissected and awaiting Phranc’s haberdashery. Don’t miss Alison and Phranc’s show and the SEABA South End Art Hop in general!

A long, detailed podcast interview

September 8th, 2006

Here’s a conversation I had with Edward Champion, of the Bat Segundo show, about Fun Home when I was in San Francisco in June. He’s a funny smart guy and asked a lot of good questions. Uh…it’s pretty long, though. So wait until you have some time to kill, or something really tedious that you can do at the same time.