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Episode 494

September 11th, 2006

Man. I’ve been trying to get this up since last week. Still having trouble with displaying the large-print version. In the meantime, click here or the image below for the large version on Flickr, and take your chances. Apologies if it doesn’t work with your browser.

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Paper Play: The Movie

September 10th, 2006

Phranc and I made this little movie yesterday about our art show. I wish I could embed it here, but you have to go to YouTube to see it. It’s about three minutes long, with a live impromptu soundtrack by Phranc.

“Paper Play,” my art show with Phranc

September 9th, 2006

phranc & me

Phranc and I had the opening of our show “Paper Play” at the Pine Street Art Works in Burlington yesterday. It was part of the Art Hop, this big crazy weekend of open studios and bands playing and thousands of people walking around looking at art. That first picture is of me cutting out my giant lifesize drawing of Phranc. And here’s the finished cutout, next to the real Phranc.

phranc & phranc

Phranc exhibited some of her luscious paper clothing.

phranc of california

And I exhibited these giant drawings I’ve been making all summer. Since I spend all my time making tiny, carefully planned drawings for my comics, I gave myself an assignment to do one giant drawing a day, unpremeditated and freehand. I got 4 foot wide roll of Kraft paper and a sheet of plywood for an easel. And every day (more or less) this summer I made a drawing. So I picked the best ones to put in the show. My friend Val sewed hems in the tops and bottoms so I could put dowels in and turn them into scrolls. Then I hung them from a cable. Here’s my friend Linda looking at the installation.

linda with my giant drawings

And being a compulsive anal-retentive geek, I also compiled a little movie on YouTube of the entire series of 70 drawings in chronological order. Anyhow. Doing these monumental spontaneous drawings was really fun. And it really freed me up. I feel like my drawing has gotten more confident.

Phranc says I’m bloghappy. She’s staying with me and just went to have her shower. So I better sign off. But oh, here’s a video podcast of Phranc you should check out. She demonstrates how she makes her cardboard & paper clothes.

Attn: Persons in Proximity to Burlington

September 8th, 2006

Katie here-

The Art Hop is this weekend, so come and see Alison and Phranc’s show, “Paper Play” at Pine Street Artworks. It’s open from 5-10pm today, Sept 8th, and from 10am – 4pm tomorrow, Sept 9th. You may recall the original entry about this show. Alison’s been hard at work creating huge foam and paper people-in-action for phom Phranc has created intricate paper clothing. I’ve witnessed these figures lying around, dissected and awaiting Phranc’s haberdashery. Don’t miss Alison and Phranc’s show and the SEABA South End Art Hop in general!

A long, detailed podcast interview

September 8th, 2006

Here’s a conversation I had with Edward Champion, of the Bat Segundo show, about Fun Home when I was in San Francisco in June. He’s a funny smart guy and asked a lot of good questions. Uh…it’s pretty long, though. So wait until you have some time to kill, or something really tedious that you can do at the same time.


September 5th, 2006

My flight’s delayed, so I’ll see if I can answer Straight Girl Fan’s questions (in the comments on my 9/3 post) about Fun Home before my battery runs down. (forgot to bring that crucial little piece of the $&%^ power adapter, the little white plug part)

“Mom, how come you never go outside?” “I told you, I’m a vampire.” Did this really happen, or is this you putting Addams family words in your family’s mouths?

Yes, my mother really said this. Often. She’s always been very averse to sunlight.

Why would putting a kid in an old-fashioned cookstove be less macabre than a modern oven?

Because in those old stoves the firebox would be, like, closed off from the oven compartment. And they’d have yet another compartment further from the fire where you could just keep stuff warm. Like a small child. I guess.

back east, fully hydrated

September 5th, 2006

Thank you all for your kind concern about the Water on a Plane issue. It turned out to be fine. The flight attendants passed it out liberally. And I made my connection to Seattle with plenty of time to spare. That is, plenty of time to sit there and feel foolish about having worked myself into a frenzy of anxiety for nothing.

Bumbershoot was great. I enjoyed my panel with Sean Wilsey. His family makes mine look like the Cleavers. I also spent a lovely evening with my old high school pal “Beth Gryglewicz,” who appears as a character in Fun Home.
It’s just so odd to shuttle back and forth across the continent in this maniacal fashion. Now I’m at Newark waiting to catch my flight to Vermont and eating lunch. Or is  it dinner. I’m not quite sure.

into the wild blue yonder yet again, this time sans hair product

September 3rd, 2006

I’m leaving shortly for Seattle, for my Bumbershoot appearance tomorrow night. I’m really dreading the cross-country flight without water. Since you can’t bring any liquids in your carry-on luggage, here’s my plan: instead of checking my suitcase and risking it ending up in Borneo, I’ll just check my toilet kit, which is where all the liquids reside. That way I might arrive in Seattle without my toothpaste or hair stuff, but at least I’ll have my clothes.

The bigger question, though, is whether I will arrive in Seattle at all. I just discovered that I have a fucking half-hour to make my connection in Philadelphia. And that’s the last flight of the day to Seattle. 90% of the last twenty flights I’ve been on have been at least a half-hour late, so the likelihood that I’ll be spending the night in Philly seems disturbingly high.

It helped to vent like this, however. Thanks for listening.